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Our Products
     Neodymium Magnets

            Sintered NdFeB
            Bonded NdFeB
            Standard NdFeB Magnets 
     Samarium Cobalt Magnets
            Sintered SmCo
            Bonded SmCo

            Standard SmCo Magnets  
     Alnico Magnets
            Sintered Alnico
            Cast Alnico
            Standard Alnico Magnets  
     Bonded Magnets
            Injection Molded
            Compression Bonded

     Ceramic Magnets
            Sintered Ceramic
            Bonded Ceramic
            Standard Ceramic Magnets  
     Flexible Magnets
            Low Energy
                 • Strips
                 • Sheets
            High Energy
            Magnetic Inkjet Sheet

     Magnetic Assemblies
            Magnetic Couplings
            Standard Magnet Assemblies
lnico Magnet Assemblies
     Standard Parts      
            Standard NdFeB Magnets
            Standard SmCo Magnets
            Standard Alnico Magnets
            Standard Bonded Magnets
Standard Ceramic Magnets










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